Twas the Night Before Christmas {a naughty poem}

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
the kids where a sleep and the wife was passed out!

As I crept into bed, on that frosty night,
an evil thought did come, I thought I just might.

So I snuggled to my wife an I thought to myself,
she is passed out drunk, I can do this no doubt.

So I wiggled and I jiggled, an with a wee little grin,
just a little more push, I am surely in!

Then to my delight, in it did slide,
with a little manoeuvring, right between her thighs.

I did not miscalculate, I shall not lie,
up her arse it went, as she let out a small sigh

Then to my astonishment and great demise,
she let a huge fart out that brought tears to my eyes.

The pressure was so great, I came out in a fly,
my balls blew apart and I screamed and I cried.

Awoke with a start did my wife at that moment,
yelling at me ‘where the fuck are you pokin’

Call am ambulance I did scream at her,
my left nuts on the mattress my right ones over there!

Serves you right she yelled at me,
for sticking your thingy where it should not be!

So on the Christmas eve, do try remember,
your wife’s arse is sacred and is not for your member!

Cheers and Merry Christmas


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